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How To Make Money From Competitive Gaming, How To Turn Your Competitive Gaming Hobby Into A Lucrative Career Even If You Are Not A Professional Gamer,

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This essay sheds light on how to how to make money from competitive gaming and turn your competitive gaming hobby into a lucrative career even if you are not a professional gamer. Additionally, how to effectively market your brand with social media marketing in the digital era is delineated in this essay. In the digital era, it is easier than ever before to earn revenue from competitive gaming even if your gaming skills are mediocre and a far cry from the masterful skills of a professional gamer. The key to parlaying your competitive gaming hobby into a lucrative career lies in capitalizing on the global digital distribution power of social media platforms to establish a brand, build traction, and draw forth a profitable following. The gamer can commence living streaming to multiple platforms with Restream using Open Broadcaster Software (OSB) so that his live stream is simultaneously broadcasted onto multiple platforms, such as Twitch, YouTube, and Smashcast.TV. The gamer can start by collecting donations via Muxy, Streamlabs, PayPal, and/or Patreon as a revenue stream. Overtime, the gamer's streams will build significant traction as long as the streamer constantly plays their favorite competitive game of interest, such as League of Legends, OverWatch, or Fortnight, each and everyday and remains adherent to a consistent full time live streaming schedule. By being adherent to a full time live streaming schedule, donors will know when to tune into the gamer's live streams which will subsequently allow the stream to grow in popularity to the point that the gamer can meets the mandatory requirements to become a Twitch Affiliate and/or YouTube partner. The gamer will start be able to reap advertisement revenue once he has attain partner status on YouTube. Moreover, the gamer can also begin creating some videos on YouTube showing tutorials, montages, achievement unlocks, and funny gameplay moments of their favorite competitive game of interest to accelerate their brand growth. Being successful as a competitive gamer career wise in the digital era is more about entertainment value and seemingly less about meritocracy. In other words, viewers would presumably rather watch someone with a compelling personality who is entertaining and funny that consistently interacts with them rather than a skilled competitive gamer devoid of a compelling personality who rarely engages their audience. To foster a larger following, streamers should consistently interact with their audience. They may even want to play video game matches with their audience to not only provide more value to their target market, but to also strengthen the brand loyalty of their viewership.To further cultivate their subscriber base, the gamer can also create "a daily, weekly, or monthly show or podcast related to gaming. It could be an opinion-based round table discussion, a series of interviews with high-profile players, and tips and tricks for a specific game" (Lee, 2019). Additionally, the streamer can write blogs and eBooks as guides appertaining to effective strategies, tactics, builds, and mechanics to utilize in the video game. By "finding a popular game, figuring out what players are having trouble with and learning the ins and outs of that problem, you have a recipe for desirable video content since you can teach others how to overcome these issues for themselves" (Lee, 2019). Overtime, the gamer who consistently plays a single video game full time should have the knowledge and skill sets to be able to play a game on at least a semi-competitive level. They can also join esports leagues to garner more attention by establishing themselves as a competitive gamer which would also allow them to be featured on other people live streams during competitive league matches. The competitive gamer does not necessarily have to win tournament, acquire high paying sponsorships, nor be one of the world's top rated players to turn this competitive gaming hobby into a career.

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