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Sudoku Genius Mind Exercises Volume 1: Elizabeth, Illinois State of Mind Collection

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Sudoku Genius Mind Exercises, Volume 1: Elizabeth, Illinois State of Mind Collection

Description: 5x8 expertly bound book with 106 pages of simple to extreme Sudoku puzzles (solutions included ). All Book covers are designed by Coco Piracci -- they're collectable editions. Great for you or as a gift. Kids, teens, adults and seniors all love doing Sudoku.

In Volume 1 of Sudoku Genius Mind Exercises: Elizabeth, Illinois State of Mind Collection, you have enough Sudoku puzzles for a whole month - one Sudoku a day When you're done, get Volume 2.

Once you start doing Sudoku puzzles, you'll never want to stop. And there's a good reason why

Just like physical exercise, your mind requires training too Here are the marvelous advantages of playing Sudoku:

  • Improves your memory: Your memory and logic are fully activated when you are playing Sudoku. We use our memory to remember numbers we are considering, and we use logic to figure out the potential answer in the next blank.
  • Stimulates your mind: Playing Sudoku trains your logical thinking processing. It also helps you improve your numeracy skills.
  • Reduces your chances of developing neurodegenerative diseases: Playing Sudoku keeps your brain stimulated.
  • Improves your decision-making skills: Not only is playing Sudoku exciting, but it helps you learn how to make a decision and take action with less hesitation.
  • Increases your concentration skills: Sudoku requires players to evaluate strategically and solve obstacles creatively. If you get interrupted in the middle of solving a puzzle, you'll have to restart the whole thinking process again, which helps you to develop your concentration and re-focusing skills.
  • Feel Satisfied Sudoku gives you a sense of fulfillment when you can solve a puzzle, especially if the puzzle is a difficult one.

By playing Sudoku daily, you'll learn how to solve puzzles faster and eventually advance to harder levels. Exercise your mind, and you will become more content and smarter too

From now on, play Sudoku every day.

Note: We specialize in local publishing. We have many Sudoku Genius volumes available and other great books too

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