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Python Programming: 2 books in 1: Learn Python Programming + Neural Networks for Beginners - An Easy Textbook for Getting Started with Mac

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Are you fascinated by Artificial Intelligence but you think it would be too difficult for you to learn?Or maybe you do have some coding skills but you want to go deeper in Python and Neural Networks?

If you think that this is something that may have a huge impact on your life please keep reading, because you are right... it is

Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence are the present and, even more, the future of technology, and you want to be part of it... well you are in the right place, and you are looking at the right book.

Artificial Intelligence is the secret behind the big ones, like Google, Facebook and Amazon, everybody knows it. But it can also be a powerful tool in your own hands. With this book you will prepare the ground for your future success, either if you want to start up your own AI enterprise, apply your knowledge to your current business, or find a job at the greatest and most innovative companies.

If programming will open you many doors, Python programming will open you even more.

With Python Programming you will discover:

  • The smartest way to interact with Python

  • How to Code your first application

  • The types and components of Neural Networks

  • The elements of Python you will actually need

  • The "three Vs" of Big Data (plus two new Vs)

  • The easiest path among Python data, statements, classes and objects

  • How algorithms will help you making predictions

  • How not to get lost in coding

  • The three most common problems with Neural Networks and how to overcome them

  • How to build a complete program

  • The more effective way to use classes, files and functions

Even if you don't know anything about programming, Python is the perfect place to start right now. Still, if you already have some programming skills but you want to know more about how to apply it in Artificial Intelligence, Python Programming and Neural Networks are the next thing you want to learn. And this book is the best way to do it.

Since you read all the way over here you know what we are talking about, still, you will probably have some questions in mind too, like...

Is this for me?

Is this something I can learn?

And once I have learned it, can I also use it in everyday business or is it just something about the big ones?

Well, the answer is YES

YES, this is for you (if you want to)

YES, you can learn it (if you commit to)

YES, you can use it for your own business (but it can also open you many doors in finding a great job)

Get your copy of Python Programming now to get the best start for your journey to Artificial Intelligence.
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