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The Complete Scoliosis Surgery Handbook for Patients: An In-Depth and Unbiased Look Into What to Expect Before and During Scoliosis Surgery

Paperback - 25 November 2013
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An In-Depth and Unbiased Look Into What to Expect Before and During Scoliosis Surgery

Scoliosis surgery doesn't have to be a daunting, problematic and anxiety-ridden experience. In fact, with the proper information, advice and knowledge you can have the ability to make confident and informed decisions about the best and most suitable treatment options. Dr. Kevin Lau's latest book will help you to discover current and crucial information that will guide you in making informed decisions about your future spinal health.

You will discover: 7 Questions To Ask Yourself - The truth is that while surgery is suitable to some patients, it isn't necessarily right for all. Consider these seven simple questions to help you determine if surgery is your best option. Find Out - All about different options if treatment you might have for scoliosis Affording Your Surgery - Learn about the different costs associated with surgery and find out what factors determine the final price of your corrected spine, such as age, health and the severity of your curve. Factors That Contribute to the Progression of Scoliosis - Did you know that simple factors like vitamin deficiencies, elevated enzyme levels and hormone levels can all contribute to a worsening of your scoliosis? It's not just heredity, injury or genetic markers that can spur your condition on. Find out what you can do and how your imbalances may be affecting you. Different Types of Scoliosis Surgery - Including understanding components of the surgery itself such as why the rods put inside in your body during surgery (fusion) are meant to remain there. Possible Complications - Surgery is a big decision and does not come without the risk of complications. Sometimes the complications are minor, like longer recovery times, but sometimes they can be life threatening or debilitating. Find out what factors lead to complications, how to minimize possible problems and how professionals go about testing you for these complications during surgery. Real Life Stories - Learn from real case studies, the successes and hardships surgery patients encounter on the road to a normal, healthy life. How to Evaluate the Risks associated with the many types of scoliosis surgery. Practical Tips On - How to afford your surgery and how to choose the best time, place and surgeon for your needs.

Dr. Kevin Lau has made it his life's work to explore, investigate and share the truths about scoliosis. In The Complete Scoliosis Surgery Handbook for Patients, Dr. Lau explores the ins and outs of the scoliosis including the condition itself, surgery, and when a patient would benefit most from surgery. Dr. Lau reveals poignant and life-changing wisdom that no scoliosis sufferer should go without. Treat this book as your best friend and your guide on the journey to effective spinal health. This book is a compilation of the wisdom of many spinal professionals, including surgery physicians, orthopedic doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors and includes valuable insights from real-life sufferers. Carefully examining each treatment avenue a patient may consider, it allows individuals to feel confident and informed throughout the decision making process.

While Dr. Lau believes in and teaches non-surgical practices, he acknowledges the many benefits of scoliosis surgery and strives to keep his readers and patients educated about every viable avenue for effective scoliosis treatment. Making an informed decision is the best way to ensure any success, and mental preparation is at least as important as the surgery itself. Knowing what to expect and how to mitigate the loss of money, time and effort will help you build a stable emotional foundation, minimizing fear, anxiety and surprises along the way. We all feel better knowing what to expect and this book will help you feel prepared, knowledgeable and in con

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