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Call Me By Your Name

Paperback - 21 September 2017
Aciman, Andre (Author)
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Product Details

ISBN-10: 1786495252

ISBN-13: 9781786495259

Publisher: Atlantic Books      

Language: English UK / Other

Format: Paperback | 256 Pages

Product Dimension (L x W x H): 12.90 x 19.70 x 2.00 CM

Shipping Weight: 0.24 Kg

Customer Reviews

7 customer reviews  Between 4−5 stars rating,  31 August 2020
Restless Summer in Italy...
By: Handiko Wijaya

I never can write a review that give a justification to this perfect book. 

7 customer reviews  Between 4−5 stars rating,  18 January 2018
Riveting emotional story telling!

The book totally lives up to its hype. It has such a fluid and honest way to explore what we, as humang being, desire of: Intimacy. The story telling was honest and well thought, without being flowery. I personally can't put this book down, just gotta finish it as I read the first chapter. 

7 customer reviews  Between 3−4 stars rating,  04 January 2018
A summer of discovery
By: Nursida Dewi
I never anticipated that it would get under my skin like it's finished. What's more, I absolutely never anticipated that would read scenes that should have spurned me and rather get myself captivated, ate up by it, and maybe somewhat desirous.    This isn't only a coming out story. It may be depicted as a coming-of-age novel, yet at the same time, that doesn't do justice to the book. It's somewhat a book about connecting. About finding an red thread with someone else, so solid it's relatively rough, a connection that makes such a wreck of your feelings you can't exactly discover the words to depict it.  Is it love? Desire? Obsession?... See More
Loathing? Addiction?   At last we'll most likely discover it is every one of them and none.    A splendid novel, that, amidst the sexual frustration (and disarray), likewise manages an issue I feel emphatically about: trust. Things happen, and are portrayed in this book, should warrant a NSFW cautioning, yet as much as they may seem to have a sexual nature, they're significantly more about closeness, about believing somebody enough to exposing yourself totally before them. To by one means or another wind up in that other individual. It's something that is gotten in the book a few times, uniquely in the demonstration the title alludes to; calling each other by their own names. As though to state, 'I get it. I am you, you are me'.    At the end of the day: Call Me by Your Name is about being seventeen, fumbling in the dark to find ways to make this connection real, to somehow make it more than just a feeling between two people, to, for even only a passing minute, trap it in something physical, something substantial - and dreamily explores first love.
7 customer reviews  Between 4−5 stars rating,  04 January 2018
By: Fransiska Lintang

I'm a simple person. I see boy love, I buy.

I've never read a book like this. A fanfiction perhaps. This book is totally awesome. The character, the writing style, the culture. You can imagine a lot of places in this book. 

A little bit hard to read, but worth it.

7 customer reviews  Between 4−5 stars rating,  21 December 2017
Truly lovely!
By: Laksmitha Anindyanari

Naked and filled with raw emotions, this book is adorned with genuine brilliance with Aciman’s wondrous skill to sew the carefully chosen words together into a sensational and bittersweet story. I adore the main characters truly, and it truthfully feels like I’m in the book. Stellar!

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