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Homo Deus

Paperback - 23 March 2017
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Customer Reviews

11 customer reviews Between 4−5 stars rating, 22 May 2018
The future is here
By: Farhan Hibatullah

This book truly described how sophisticated our brains are. Recommended!

11 customer reviews Between 4−5 stars rating, 08 January 2018
This might be the best "humanity" manifesto of the year!
By: Conrado Cornelius

For many years, the analysis and forecast of humanity's history has been heavily dominated and confined within the study of its socio-political reality. This is evident in the work of Samuel Huntington "Clash of Civilization" and to be further, allegedly, revised by his student Francis Fukuyama in his seminal work "The Origins of Political Order." Unlike its predecesors, Harari has attempted to cover all areas of human life, and not being occupied exclusively with only its socio-political reality. Harari for instance had highlighted problems like obesity and famine, artificial intelligence, etc. And what's important to note from this book is that Harari... See More

sees a historical development by highlighting humanity's ability in tackling most of its problems with recourse to technology and at the same time showing why other "Deistic" alternatives were inadequate; for these problems are technical problems, thus requiring a technical solution. For skeptics and pessimists of historical development--Foucault, for example--would find themselves a worthy opponent.

11 customer reviews Between 4−5 stars rating, 29 December 2017
Homo Deus A Brief History of Tommorow
By: Susan Soetanto

This book is very interesting. Mind blowing… This book shows us how the technology patronized our life. This book brings us how the technology creates our world, leads our life and destroys our space. The thin line between real life and virtual life has almost gone for now. We have already depended with technology and this book open and wake up us from the addiction of technology. This is a must read book for everybody who want to know about how we life today give impacts to our future life.     

11 customer reviews Between 4−5 stars rating, 07 December 2017
Worth reading
By: Aulia Yuginastiti

I read "Sapiens: A Brief History of Human Mankind" before I read this book. I have to say both of them are powerful books filled with exellent questions that makes you question your existence. It's more a philosophy book that written in extremely clear, simple, and concrete language. I reccomend for you to read Sapiens: A Brief History of Human Mankind before you read this to get full picture of the topic. 

11 customer reviews Between 3−4 stars rating, 25 October 2017
a gray follow up to Sapiens
By: Antonius Nicholas Budi

if you're like me, you'd probably hear the author's first book the Sapiens. Without going much into the detail, instead of focusing ont he past this time, he focuses on the future through this book.

What  i feel is really misleading in his discussion on "Humanism" in part two. It brings to mind the confaltion people use when talking between communism and socialismin Indonesia. People use it interchangibly for what is a different concept. I think he confalates "humanism" with the idea of "consumerism".This part is really awful becuse it is based on faulty logic. 

Oanother thing to say is that it is very difficult to predct the future. Extrapolation can only tell us so much. The author's technique, however, makes a ver engaging read. 

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