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The Smurfs #22: The Smurf Menace

Paperback - 17 January 2017
Peyo (Author)
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All's not well in Smurfs Village. Someone is actually proposing to build an actual wall around the Smurfs Village! Can you imagine any smurf saying such a crazy thing? Well, it all started when Papa Smurf observed that his Smurfs were fighting with each other and he concluded something needed to be done. And that's when the trouble started. Papa Smurf creates negative versions of all the Smurfs. They're just like the regular Smurfs except their clothes are a little darker and they don't have any of the good qualities of the real Smurfs. For example, a black-haired Smurfette has all of Smurfette's bad habits, and none of what's good about Smurfette! When the Smurfs meet the so-called "Grey Smurfs," they want to be friends. But the Grey Smurfs are only interested in going to war against the Smurfs, conquering them, and turning them all into their slaves. Can Papa Smurf fix this mess he created?

Customer Reviews

1 customer reviews Between 3−4 stars rating, 17 December 2018
The Smurf Menace and Two Other Stories
By: Dine Rostianti

This book consists of three stories, The Smurf Menace, The Shadow of The Smurf Apprentice and The Mansion of a Thousand Mirrors.

The Smurf Menace tells of the sudden appearance of an annoying smurf group. These evil smurfs enslaved the original smurfs to work hard for the evil smurfs. The struggle of the original smurfs against the evil smurfs and returning their village as before, becomes an interesting story for the readers.

The smurf story is always funny, entertaining and there are lessons to be learned, especially about their brotherhood and cooperation.

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