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Ancestry and Kindred of W.P. Zuber, Texas Veteran

Paperback - 15 August 2013
Zuber, W. P. (Author)
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of W. P. Zuber


Tracing my ancestry, I give precedence to the female lines; that, when I reach any male ancestor, I may adhere to the male line so far as it points toward myself: and I mention my female ancestors by their maiden names.

I, William Physick Zuber, was born in Twiggs County, Georgia; July 6, 1820. My parents were Abraham Zuber jr. and Mary Ann Mann.

My mother, Mary Ann Mann, was born in Edgefield District, South Carolina; September 18, 1793. Her parents were Thomas Mann and Ann Deshazo.

My maternal grand-mother, Ann Deshazo, was born in North Carolina; about the year 1765. Her parents were Robert Deshazo and Mollie Trevelian.

My mother's maternal grand-mother, Mollie Trevelian, was born in Virginia, about the year 1732. One of her parents, I know not which, was born in Scotland, the other in Ireland. When yet young, they migrated from their respective native countries to Virginia, where they married. Later, they moved, with their daughter Mollie and other children, to North Carolina: and there Mollie married Robert Deshazo.


Mollie Trevelian Deshazo had an elder brother, John Trevelian; who, as a volunteer in the Virginia Militia, participated in the campaign against Fort Du Quesne, in 1755; fought in the battle of Monongahela, - remembered as General Braddock's Defeat, - July 8th, of that year. In that battle, he was captured by the French: and thence he was conducted, a prisoner, to Canada. How long he was held as a prisoner, I am not informed: but he was finally set at liberty, - pennyless in a strange country, among a people whose language he did not understand. There were only two ways by which he could return home. One was through a wilderness, which was infested by savages, who would surely kill him if he attempted to traverse it alone: and he could not learn of any body of adventurers whom he could accompany on such a trip. The other way was to go by sea: but he had not money with which to pay his passage; and he could obtain employment only for short terms between intervals, and at low wages. But he worked when he could obtain employment at any price; hoping, by rigid economy, to save money enough to pay his way home. Finally, after an absence of four or five years, he made the trip home; whether by land or by sea, I am not informed. He owned a good home, which was well furnished for that period; which his friends had not disposed of, though they believed that he had been killed in the battle in which he was captured. He first thought that he would marry and live on his homestead: but a change of conditions determined him to do otherwise. He sold his possessions in Virginia; and went to North Carolina, whither his parents had...


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