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Encyclopedia of Technology and Science Volume 111 The science: Encyclopedia

Paperback - 13 June 2017
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The world witnessed in the twentieth century breakthrough in all fields and scientific trends, so there are no boundaries between different disciplines. For example, medical science requires engineering science and recent tests of modern science depends on the physical, chemical extraction and analysis and also relies on mathematics to lay the groundwork mathematics.The progress and development in pure science, for example, develop new subjects and disciplines and specialties of science. New interfaces were not known during the first half of the last century. The results of these major changes in curriculum and build up research transformed these developments to the university curricula. Seminars and researches are now carried out in different ways including: -Bachelor based on the study and theses.-Some universities in Britain and Germany developed curricula at the level of initial studies that include research and study.-Dividing the present fields such as industrial chemistry, chemistry of life with medical side and other disciplines in the branches of pure science.-Developments of competencies.These terms of reference have been developed in American universities in physics, chemistry and mathematics, to prepare graduate in some sectors such as engineering, chemistry physics and chemistry, agricultural engineering, and medical studies.-Adding assistance topics.Some topics have been added as assistance of many of the terms of reference of pure sciences, including education, literature and library services and use modern machinery and computers.-Other disciplines (Sandwich) In about two hundred years, there will be four possible scenarios for future reference, namely they are: -Very pessimistic.-Cautiously pessimistic.-Cautiously optimistic.-Eager for growth and technology. In future new generations will be created and involved, the so-called future shock goes through analysis that includes: -The future shock is a severe illness that affected increasing numbers of human beings and can be called satisfactory inability to adopt to rapid change.-Reactions to the future depends on what is known about the ability to adapt recalled hypothesis in the 1st. instance, that the proliferation of psychiatric and neurological a lot of people due to the shock of the future and technological progress and scientific facts have not been able to create awareness on assimilations Basically, the science is understanding how things work and why, and gave us to survive, and improve our lifestyle in the process, that science is the most important element of our existence. The recognition of the importance of science is historically known through different civilizations (Pharaonic, Sumerian and others), passing through the efforts of Muhammad Ali in Egypt and study of Shibley Achammal (1853-1917) of the theory of evolution and cell biology which he analyzed the reasons for the weakness of the Ottoman Empire.Science is a cultural activity achieves the objectives of economic and political community, and according to that science and technology are major forces support the historical, social, national and international change, vary from one community to another, and the internal and external challenges vary from culture to culture.

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