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FinTech: Understanding Financial Technology and its Radical Disruption of Modern Finance

Paperback - 16 July 2016
Flynt, Oscar (Author)
ISBN-13 : 9781535326476
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Finally, a Comprehensive Guide that clearly explains FinTech and Its host of opportunities

Imagine a world where your FICO score is irrelevant. A world where a developing countries economy suddenly booms "overnight". It's a world where you can cash in on one of the biggest investment opportunities since the internet...

That world happens to be financial technology, or FinTech for short. And today, it's rapidly growing and infiltrating most areas of commerce.

Funny thing is, Fintech is actually not that new. It's just that right now it's really steaming up and attracting mainstream attention. The only issue is that there's hardly enough information on it. And the stuff that's out there just isn't that informative.

That's why I wrote this guide. It's meant to help you navigate the FinTech waters.

When you're finished reading it you should have a sound idea of what financial technology is. You'll understand the ins-n-outs, familiarize yourself with the terminology, and possibly get an idea or two of how to capitalize on these breakthrough technologies.

When you download "FinTech" you'll also discover:

  • How FinTech is actively disrupting the entrenched financial institutions like never before
  • The most important things to follow in FinTech
  • How FinTech targets developing countries
  • What user experience is in the context of FinTech-and how to fully optimize it
  • How FinTech impacts Supply chains
  • How FinTech is changing the business to business world
  • Why the lack of FinTech in certain markets spells out major opportunity for you
  • Specific FinTech regulations for major markets like the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union
  • How the news and FinTech could make the perfect mixture for profitable trading
  • How FinTech allows traders to see when current events will harm investments
  • How FinTech can spot potentially profitable niche products
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