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Paperback - 11 June 2017
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Book Five of the Shadow Series In the Beginning, there was Darkness...Nathan Grayson, Dominic Blue and Justin Bronson are three men, doing their best, to live under the radar, in a small Bay Area town. On the outside, they appear to be three average twenty-somethings, navigating the common challenges of young adulthood: love, heartbreak and grief. Yet, their lives are anything but common. Each of these men possesses extraordinary psychic skills: the ability to manipulate reality, the ability to travel through space and time, and the ability to change the future. While these skills make Dominic, Justin, and Nathan unique individuals, these supernatural talents have also made them the targets of a secret network of powerful adversaries, who will stop at nothing, to claim all of their powers for their own. As each of these men repair the severe damage that has recently permeated their lives, they struggle, to distance themselves, from the horrific world of the paranormal and its devastating consequences on their little success. The nightmarish ghosts of their pasts refuse to stay exorcised. The present brings nothing but uncertainty and fear and all of them can sense an encroaching, never-ending Darkness that will engulf the world. In order to survive the future horror that awaits all of them, Nathan, Dominic and Justin must enhance and master their psychic powers, otherwise they will fall prey to the timeless, omnipotent terror that has haunted them all of their lives and has patiently waited in the well as the deepest parts of their minds, to eliminate them all.In the End, there will be Darkness.

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