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10 Ways to Save $3,000: Earn $900,000 in 33 Years

Keppel Mba, Dan (Author)
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Publication Date: 11 August 2015
Save 40% on your purchases $9 a day grows to $55,000, $400,000, $900,000 over time You can save $3,000 a year on the things you buy now. If you could have $900,000 tax-FREE in 33 years by investing that $3,000 a year in 10 mutual funds, would you do it? Most people would say "yes" but we know they don't do it. Wealthy people have done this and that is why they stay wealthy. They save 40% on all their purchases. They put some money to work in the market FIRST; then spend it. Why don't we all do that? Each of their $100 investment checks turns into $1500 over time. They pay $24,000 for their $50,000 vehicle; $2.2 million for their $4 million mansion. They use the cash their investments make. It's called compounding and it requires time. When the rich put their money to work in businesses, they know it takes time to grow. $9 a day, $250 a month, $3,000 a year, $99,000 in 33 years. That is how The Working Millionaire stays wealthy. Luckily, obtaining $900,000 from $99,000 does NOT require you to be a genius or a lucky stock picker. All it takes is $9 a day. You can set up this investment in one hour on the telephone or computer at no cost. You tell the low-cost trustee firm to take $250 a month from your checking account automatically. Your spouse does it too. You check on your low-cost mutual funds once a year. That's it. You do nothing else because it takes time not fiddling. Every morning when you hear that stocks are down, you know you are buying more on sale. You are doing what wealthy people do every day-you are leaving your money alone to do WORK. "My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest." Warren Buffett

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