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Book No# 60: Cradle Planets: The 10,000 Tribes of Africa in Spaceships, Fly from Star to Star and from Galaxy to Galaxy, in Search

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Publication Date: 10 January 2015
Africa will play among the stars. African tribes or actually Kush tribes- Blackdom will enter into spaceships and travel among the stars looking for habitable planets so they could herd their cattle. Tamil, Dravidian and Melanesian warriors, alongside Hausa, Masai, Zulu warriors will travel in spaceships through the galaxies in swarms looking for pasture for their cattle. We will have antigravity vehicles on the planets and also we can teleport from planet to planet across the universe once we establish known co-ordinates. The 10 billion galaxies of the southern hemisphere of this universe belongs to Greater Kush, and after this universe collapses we will be given a Quintillion universes from Jesus Christ- The StarChild. Africa and the 10,000 tribes of Greater Kush is a spacegoing nation. On earth today Jesus will return and He will rule the world, He will at first stay in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. Then the Angels, Jews, and Christians will rebuild the Temple of David on top of Mount of Olives. The time of the Gentiles to occupy the Temple grounds has ended, thus the removal of all other nonChristian Temples on the mount. Also a flame of fire will float above the Temple in Jerusalem at night and a cloud will float above the Temple during the day. This will always show that The God of Israel Jesus Christ resides there. Isaiah 4:5 " And the Lord will create upon every dwelling place of mount Zion, and upon her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day, and the shining of a flaming fire by night: for upon all the glory shall be a defence." That verse says upon every dwelling place of mount Zion there shall be a flame. That means when this planet is destroyed in a supernova, and Christ changes His Capital city to another planet in this universe, where-ever He rebuilds the Temple, a flaming fire by night and a cloud by day will be there. We will conquer this universe of 200 billion+/- galaxies until it collapses. Then New Jerusalem will be built again. The Christians are the Jewels the city is made out of. On earth today we have wars and Satan. The Sunni Baathist Saddam Hussieni guerilla remnants are fighting the rest of the world and are called Islamic State. Mother Church dont worry about Saddam's remnants. We will love the Persians- the Church sends them love while the nations send them bombs. It is Satan killing people on both sides, just because the Bible says Egypt, Syria and Israel will not be dissolved when Christ comes back. ( Isaiah 19:24 ) Also the Bible says Syria will be a ruinious heap (Is 17:1) before the Second Coming or the Morning. It also says Islam- or the strange and pleasant plants will flourish before the Second Coming and it has with Terrorism.(Isaiah 17:10,11). The movie Star wars is coming out this month. But the future is not Star Wars, but the Intergalactic Jesus Christ SuperStar. The nations will go out into space with the technology of the Angels of Jesus Christ. We will be given the Replicator for food, the Transporter for producing and materializing Agricultural and Industrial items. Jesus is going to give us crystal floating cities, Antigravity vehicles, Teleportation across the universe, forcefields, Robots, spaceships that are 7000 miles long or 1 mile long, the education machine that puts data from computers directly into our minds, no more school. And with the power of the Holy Spirit we can remove mountains, bring people back from the dead, walk on water. The Star Wars movie has nothing on Jesus Christ who is worshipped in infinite multiple universes throughout infinity. Jesus commands the entire universe to expand and collapse at will. Christianity has more to offer then Satan's dreams of Star Wars. The Intergalactic Jesus Christ SuperStar the StarChild- The God of Israel is King. We will have antigravity, teleportation in our lifetime. African tribes will travel in spaceships across the universe in swarms searching for pasture for their cattle. The future of space travel is Christianity

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