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Christian Perspective: The Church a Trillion Years from Now: (The Early Years). What Will the Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox, Christian C

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Publication Date: 19 December 2014
The Second Coming is upon us. Israel the fig tree came to be in 1948, so the Second Coming has started, it will be in our generation. The Church is going to rule the earth when Christ returns, then after everything settles down, after we bury the 2.3 billion people killed by the Commanders, Angels from the Euphrates river, Jesus is going to lead us into space. We will conquer this universe in space travel with Christ technology- antigravity, teleporatation and time travel. WWIII is in 40 billion AD+/- after that the universe is going to collapse or implode in 70 billion AD+/-. The nations will receive quintillions or a googolplex universes to inhabit.Then Jesus is going to lead the Church through the wilderness of time forever. MT 24:35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall not pass away."EINSTEIN AND THE CHURCH AGREE ABOUT THE COLLAPSE OF THE UNIVERSE. II PETER 3:7,12 MATHEW 24:35, LUKE 21:33 Jesus Christ is a superstar on millions and billions of other planets besides the earth. Jesus is worshipped throughout infinity, through countless stars and countless universes. He might be the humble carpenter to us, but He is known as God to alien Christians in faraway universes. Jesus is worshipped in endless- infinite universes. Jesus is truly the StarChild. The Church and Israel own a googolplex universes and has doled out some for the nations. The Church and Israel own more universes then there are atoms in our universe of 200 billion galaxies.And each galaxy has about a 100-200 billion stars. If you count the atoms in each star, planet, asteroid, dust particle- the Church owns more universes then all the atoms in our entire universe combined. So Jesus is generous, the Church and Israel is generous and extremely zealous to give you universes and serve you. Jesus is God. He can be in more then one place at once. He is in us and He is in the alien Christians. Christs body can appear in different places at the same time, like when He visits different families in multiple universes at the same time and still remain on His throne in heaven and also in Jerusalem. He is worshipped throughout infinity. So worship Him in the spirit like all alien Christians do O human race. We will be one with the cosmos praising Jesus. THE RETURN OF THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS INTERGALACTIC JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. A GUIDE TO THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH TO FOLLOW JESUS INTO THE STARS, GALAXY'S, NEW UNIVERSES AND CO-EXIST FOREVER IN PEACE. JESUS COMMANDS THE UNIVERSE TO EXPAND AND COLLAPSE WITH A WORD. ALSO JESUS CHRIST IS LORD AND IS WORSHIPPED IN INFINITE MULTIPLE UNIVERSES THROUGHOUT INFINITY I WROTE BOOKS THAT STARTED BEFORE THE BIG BANG IN GENESIS TO REVELATION THE END OF OUR ERA AND LIFE BEYOND - THE COLLAPSE OF THE UNIVERSE- REVELATION WHERE JESUS WILL LEAD THE NATIONS FOREVER IN THE WILDERNESS OF TIME. (I PUBLISHED 59 BOOKS FOR JESUS, INFORMATION DEAR TO CHRISTIANS FOR ARMAGEDDON, TO UNCONFUSE THEMSELVES FROM THE "LEFT BEHIND SERIES" AND OTHER FALSE PROPHECIES.)

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