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Get Your ACT Together: Living an Oscar-Worthy Life

Paperback - 28 November 2014
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Learn how to become instantly more successful or an amazing actor

Becoming The BEST You Equals Abundance
The most successful people in the world have one major characteristic in common; they all have worked on themselves. They are great people first and are great at their profession second.
This book provides the action steps you will need to take in order to nurture your growth, live righteously, and achieve abundance. You will learn how to get out of your own way, get out of your head, and act.

Learn The Path Of Least Resistance
Life is not complicated. Our programming is. This book will give you the knowledge to simplify your life. You will learn to act and not be acted upon. You will learn to move with life rather than fight against it. You will be able to quiet the noise and focus on what really matters.
This book provides the tools and resources to work smarter. You will learn the basic human needs, how they drive your daily life, and how you can use them to your advantage.

Perfect Your Craft
I know what you are thinking; nothing is perfect. You are right. This book teaches you to embrace your imperfections and humanity, which will elevate your level of acting, your level of being. You will think less and act more. You will be.
The greatest acting is invisible. The character disappears into the actor. The actor is the character. You will learn to be present and in doing so will become a present to all you encounter. You will know the path to making the strongest choice.
Whether acting for the camera or for the stage, realize they are both based on the basic principles of living. Living is not scripted. Living is improvised; it is moment to moment. This book breaks down the rules and principles of improvisation, simplifying them so you can apply them to your script and character.

Book More, Sell More, Win
Success is simple. The better you are, the more people want you. The more people want you, the greater your value. This book is a perfect guide on how to become more valuable.
By applying the rules and principles in this book you will become the actor casting directors want to book, the salesperson people want to hire and buy from, and the person with which people want to share their lives.

Who Is Dorian Alexis Santiago?
I have been described as an enigma wrapped in a conundrum encased in a fortune cookie, but I don't like to listen to the critics in my head. I am just a man, a lover of life, a giver blessed with the ability to teach what I love.
It was in college when I first fell in love with acting. I say first because I continue to fall in love with my craft over and over. After auditioning as a joke, I was instantly cast because my voice boomed through the theater. Before that moment, I had not given 100% to anything I did in life; I strived for excellence in my craft.
It was soon after my first performance I was approached by fellow actors for advice on how to enhance their acting. Being over-analytical, I studied what I was doing and what others were not doing and provided with my insight. They informed me my explanation was simple and easy grasp. I knew what my calling was.
I have since studied Meisner, Adler, and other greats seeking out the best way to help actors become amazing. The culmination is this book.
I am an acting coach and owner of CLASS ACT STUDIOS in Atlanta, GA with several more international locations in the planning phase. I have coached several award-winning actors. I am also an award-winning director.

Learn how to live an Oscar-Worthy life: Scroll up and buy now.

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