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"and Jesus Shall Wipe Away All Tears from Their Eyes": There Shall Be No More Death, Sorrow, Crying or Pain. New Jerusalem- The Splendor of Christiani

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Publication Date: 20 June 2014
Africa will be united as one nation from the whole African continent (except Egypt), to Black Pakistani, Dravidian India, Andaman Islands, Black Sri Lanka, black Cambodia, P. N. Guinea, Solomon Islands, Melanesia, and Australia. This nation will be united as one vast nation & become a superpower in the commonwealth of Israel of Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ will anoint a king, a highpriest and a highprophet to rule Kush- Greater Kush. Jesus Christ will also give Africana spaceships- about 4 billion intergalactic ships to ply their new territory- the southern hemisphere of this present universe. He has given Kush 10 billion+/- galaxies & 10 billion +/- planets like the earth in this universe for its 10,000 tribes to inhabit. then as this universe collapses in blueshift WWIII will be fought in intergalactic space. The Intercontinental African Zionist Federation of African tribes the Commonwealth of Israel has gone through some tough times. Soon at the S. Coming the whole continent of Africa & its territory will be united. I dont know what to tell the people who suffered in history- what should I tell those people who were taken out of Africa as slaves or what should we now tell the people who were born slaves and died as slaves, & are now in heaven?. Should we condemn all the people who enslaved them? Should we condemn a whole people? No, it was just circumstance in history, Noah's problem. But as Christians we forgive the entire generation of slaveowners because Jesus said to love everyone and the Church was still in its infancy. There is no excuse for slavery- the Bible says- Exodus 21:16 "And he that stealeth a man, & selleth him, or if he be found in his hand, he shall surely be put to death." This was written thousands of years before the slave trade. But the goats of Shem did not read the Bible, it was the Church, people like John Newton & others who bent the Arc of Justice to release all the slavery worldwide. The Church stopped slavery worldwide in the Americas, Africa, & throughout the world. The Arc of justice was bent toward the good by the Christian Church & the sheep of Jesus Christ. It was also the Church that discovered the Big Bang, the Collapse of the universe & Eternal life from Jesus Christ. The goats on the other hand were responsible for Hitler, Vietnam, Rwanda genocide, Korean War, Armenian genocide, Jewish genocide, Sudan war, Cambodian War, WWI, WWII, Slavery, extermination of Native American Indians, the pedophile scandal when goats infiltrated the Church, the inquistion when Satan, demons and goats infiltrated the Church etc, etc. Christianity is responsible, or the sheep are responsible for all the good on earth. Soon Jesus is going to return & kill all the goats. We can forgive the generation of slaveowners because the Church was young & an infant, but now it is mature at the S. Coming harvest. Christians now know better then to be racist, but the generation that voted for Trump, how can we forgive them? Jesus is returning in my lifetime, we will see what He has to say (2017-2020+/-) Jesus will bring Eternal life first, then Antigravity vehicles, Teleportation around the planet & around the universe, the Replicator like on StarTrek for producing food & Industrial items instantly from dirt, Education machine that puts data out of computers directly into our brains, no more school, Spaceships, etc. The Bible belt fought to retain slavery-(the Christian Right), now it is the Christian Left that must fight like John Newton and show the way after the U.S.A election. The Christian Left fought the civil war before and won. Shem will not be punished for it is the goats (1/3 of the human race) who are responsible for all the evil on earth. Born again Christians are not responsible for Trump- the Right is responsible. African people dont be upset- The Christian Right is lost again. Jesus loves the Christian left. Starchildren identify as, call themselves Christian Left.

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