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Antigravity, Timetravel, Teleportation, the First Resurrection, World War III: The Intergalactic Christian Space War, and a Latino Queen. Daystar: Won

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Publication Date: 25 April 2014
Jesus loves the Latino people of Central & S. America, from Mexico to Argentina, the Lord loves His people. A 100 billion years ago the Latino nations of America lived in peace with all the other sheep of Jesus Christ. They were created along with everyone else & they danced & were very happy in the kingdom of Jesus Christ in another universe. But one day the Latin nations decided that they were bored & they asked Jesus Christ if they could volunteer in a war- called The Invisible War - in our present universe. The names of the Latino people were written down in a book called- The Book of Life- so no Latin sheep would be lost & no goat would be saved. The Big Bang happened & after the Invisible War had almost exhausted itself, Spain colonised the Americas- just before the S. Coming days. The Latin nations were born and now they exist in S. America and Central America. Satan abused the Latino greatly, he tortured them with poverty, and some even escaped north to the U.S.A. looking for a better life. But even there Satan would not let them be free & he tortured them & called them illegal aliens. This was not a true name, for every person other then the Indians in the U.S.A. was an alien. Why this wave of migrants was being punished, no one knows- except it is Satan who hates the Latino's. But Jesus loves the Latino's & He has given the Latin nations millions, billions of earthlike planets in this present universe & a Quintillion universes like the one we live in after this one implodes. He will give the Latino nation antigravity vehicles, the Replicator like on Star Trek, Teleportation, Spaceships or Starships & other toys for His sheep. The Commonwealth of Latin nations will be part of the Commonwealth of Israel, or Zion that encompasses, the earth, this universe & infinite other universes throughout infinity. I dont know if the Latin empire will have one king or if they will remain a loose Federation or Commonwealth, but they will be a rich nation with some of the most beautiful people the world has ever seen. Concerning the Drug lords, drug dealers & narcoterrorists in Mexico, Honduras, Columbia & other Latino nations. Jesus Christ knows who is a drugdealer & who is not. He will burn in the lake of fire all the Cartels. The Lake of fire where your skin will never fall off & feeling the pain of being burned alive forever is the drug dealers & organized criminals grave forever. Satan hates the Latino's that is why there is so much narco-evil in Latin America. I prayed to The God of Israel that He "bone scrape" in torture" all the angels of Satan & be tortured by St. Abaddon. This is vengeance for all the terror he caused in Latin America with the drug cartels. Latin America will rise from its ashes & will be united as 1 nation. Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Cuba, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, Guatemala, Venezuala, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay & Argentina will all be united as one nation. United States of Latin America. The Latin Empire will have its own Space Navy, And when this universe collapses the Latin Empire will be given a Quintillion Universes to roam in forever. The Intergalactic Latin Empire is born. Stardate( 7/25/16 ) {Messenger of Isaiah. The ensign of sept 7,8 will not happen, I have to recalculate. The Carcase Trib where Satan made his run was from Aug 1st 1980- March 2018. Then Pandamonia I think is stung by St. Abaddon for five months 2018. I was the Carcase from Aug 1st 1980 when I was lured from home (Adventure) to Pittsfield Aug 1st 2018. The Church Trib is from May 30 1984-2018. Time/times/1/2 time. Then the Church will get its food around Dec 2016-Jan 2018.The Ensign of Revelation 8:10 is around Spring 2018.

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