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"caught Up in the Clouds" (Air) Does Not Mean We Are Raptured to Heaven

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Publication Date: 07 February 2014
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE RETURN OF THE KING. A PLANETARY COUPE-DE-TAT BY THE ANGELS OF JESUS CHRIST AGAINST SATAN AND ALL HIS FORCES, ALL THE NATIONS AND THE DEATH OF 2.3 BILLION PEOPLE, 1/3 OF THE EARTH'S POPULATION. MYTH NO# 1. There is a rapture where Christians are going to disappear and go to heaven while some great war takes place here on earth. TRUTH: 1/3 of the human race will die . 2.3 billion people will die - the wicked- and we will burn their bodies in the streets. Their souls -the wicked spirits will all be escorted to hell by the Angels, but Christians will remain on earth. The "taken" are the bad people- not the good. Satan confused Christians and the Church. The death's will be in one day and night like the passover in Egypt, not a nuclear war but a passover. The blood of Jesus the lamb will save you. MYTH NO#2. WWIII is before the Second Coming or the return of Jesus where the AntiChrist will take over and get rid of all Bibles and Christians and Jews.- Then Jesus will come down and destroy the AntiChrist in our lifetime. TRUTH: WWIII is after the 1000 year reign of Christ, after the return of Christ at the Second Coming. The 1000 Christ years is actually about 40 billion human years when the universe will be in Blueshift. WWIII is really an intergalactic war fought in space ships. Thats when the Lake of fire existed. The Lake of fire is the core of this collapsing universe for Jesus said " Heaven and earth will pass away..." Thats about the time WWIII will be fought with Gog and Magog. So relax. Those left behind series of books are pure idiocy and are the false prophecy of today. Chpt 1-10,12 Revelation is about our times. Chpt 11,13- 20 Revelation is in 40 billion years. There is a 40 billion year pause or interval between Chpt 12 and Chpt 13 Revelation just like there was a long-pause ( Probably millions of years) between Gen 1:1 and Gen 1:2. THE AFRICANS WENT THROUGH THE GREAT TRIBULATION WITH SLAVERY, THE JEWS WENT THROUGH THE TRIBULATION WITH HITLER, THE NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS WENT THROUGH THE TRIBULATION WHEN THE EUROPEANS EXTERMINATED THEM, THE CHINESE WENT THROUGH THE GREAT TRIBULATION WITH MAO AND THE CULTURAL LEAP FORWARD, THE RUSSIANS WENT THROUGH THE TRIBULATION WITH STALIN. THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO WERE SPARED THE TRIBULATION ARE THE AMERICAN CHRISTIANS IN THE U.S.A., AND THEY ARE THE LOUDEST IN SAYING A GREAT TRIBULATION WILL HAPPEN TO CHRISTIANS. WAKE UP EVERYBODY ELSE HAS ALREADY GONE THROUGH IT. THE GREAT TRIBULATION STARTED WITH THE DEATH OF STEPHEN UNTIL TODAY 2000 AD +/-. ITS OVER, SORRY YOU MISSED IT, BE HAPPY YOU WERE SPARED. JESUS IS COMING BACK IN MY LIFETIME AND THERE IS NO WAR BEFORE THE SECOND COMING. IT WILL BE AFTER THE 1000 YRS OR 40 BILLION YEARS FROM NOW. ISAIAH 22 PUT A CURSE ON THE VISIONS OF THE SECOND COMING. THATS WHY YOU ARE SO CONFUSED.

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