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#4 Treasures of the Knights Templars: Sam 'n Me(tm) Adventure Books

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Publication Date: 22 October 2013
If you've been trackin us ya know we found a 3d treasure down there on the Grand Terre Island that nearly popped our eyeballs right out of our heads lookin at it. Now we're on the trail of another treasure that was hid centuries ago. This time it's some of the treasures of the Knights Templar. They was Christian soldiers defendin the church and fightin in the name of it fer nearly 200 years. This was way back when the Catholic church was one of the most powerful forces on earth. Big Mike found a book describin a monastery on the Limpopo River in South Africa that was founded by the Poor Fellows-Soldiers of Christ. They was the ones that later became the Knights Templar. They'd been servin the church since the time of King Solomon and was mighty proud of their heritage. Durin all the time they was fightin the crusades they was pillagin everthin they could lay their hands on that looked valuable. They gave a lot it to the church but the church wanted them to hide a bunch of it too. We believed the Knights Templar had hidden away an enormous amount of wealth nobody but they themselves knew about. After 200 years of servin the church, the church turned on them and even killed some of them. The secrets to where many of the treasures they'd hid had been lost fer centuries. We figured there might be some kind of link between them monastery treasures we found and the Knights Templar. That's what set us off to see if we could find the monastery down there by the Limpopo River. Yer gonna be surprised at what we found. Thanks fer joinin us on another treasure hunt. Gramps

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ISBN-10: 1493537016

ISBN-13: 9781493537013

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform       

Language: English

Age Range: NA - NA years

Grade Level: NA - NA

Paperback: 76 Pages

Product Dimension (L x W x H): 22.86 x 15.24 x 0.41 CM

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