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Adventures of Celia: In a Mad Mad World of Secrets and Kidnappers

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Celia and her father are making a big change for a high-paced life to the laid back lifestyle of a small town. She is not entirely thrilled about the move as she is leaving behind her friends who she used to investigate mysteries with. However it does not take her long to make a few new friends. Both have their own quirks, with Dawn's talkative nature, and Shaun's bright green hair, but Celia is glad to have met them. Soon she is wrapped up in a brand new mystery with them.

There is a secret tunnel that runs through the woods not far from her house. Rumor has it, something supernatural has been going on inside of it. Celia is eager to get to the bottom of it, but along the way the mysteries of her own past begin to unravel right before her very eyes. When her father becomes more secretive every day, and even grows frustrated with her questioning, Celia is certain it has something to do with her mother.

Her mother had disappeared three years before. Celia knew she was missing, but many of her father's friends and family believed she had simply abandoned the family. Celia was certain that could not be possible. She begins to discover that her father might know a lot more about her mother's disappearance than he was letting on. As hopeful as Celia is that one day she will be reunited with her mother, she has to wonder, what could possibly have been so important, that it would keep a mother from her daughter?

As she probes more into the mystery of the tunnel, its secrets become less supernatural and more sinister. Celia is in more danger than she could ever imagine. Somehow a stranger in the town knows her father's name despite never having been introduced. It is not long before Celia is literally directly caught up in the mystery of the town, but somehow the mystery of the town is leading her in a strange winding journey right back to the mystery of her mother's disappearance.

Celia is determined to solve all the mysteries she is confronted with; she just hopes that when she does she will not end up losing her father in the process. With her new friends loyal and sticking close to her side she navigates through the suspenseful twists and turns of the truth about the tunnel.

In the middle of it all she feels more distant from her father than she ever has. In the past he has been the one that Celia trusted; could he have really been lying to her all along? Just when she discovers too much, her friends begin to disappear. Will anyone believe her about the true activities in the tunnel? Will she ever figure out how it is connected to her mother? Will she be able to rescue her friend in time, or will she be the next to disappear? Celia is a very brave young girl, but when facing an intricate combination of abduction and experimentation, will she be brave enough to find a way to escape and reveal the truth to a town that has already begun to believe she has lost her way?

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ISBN-10: 1480235954

ISBN-13: 9781480235953

Publisher: Createspace       

Language: English

Age Range: NA - NA years

Grade Level: NA - NA

Paperback: 156 Pages

Product Dimension (L x W x H): 22.86 x 15.24 x 0.84 CM

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