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The Progressive Personality: A Threat to America

Hardcover - 25 May 2010
ISBN-13 : 9781452004471
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This book appears to be another in a series of books explaining, or introducing the Esoteric dimensions of Man...... while at the same time using a special "Esoteric Truth" lens to view expose] a most unusual phenomenon we currently refer to as Progressivism. If you have ever wondered how it is that a conservative and a liberal seem to talk past one another, and neither seems to "hear" what the other is saying.... this book explains what causes this phenomenon. This book also explains how this phenomenon is Psychological, and not something ones brain can explain. The term "Psychological" refers to those dimensions of Man that the brain cannot perceive, think about, or discover. And this may come as a surprise to many? This book is not an easy or quick read. The reason is that most of this book reveals phenomena that is largely denied, ignored, or feared in America today. The Esoteric two-thirds of Man, in other words. That is, the MIND and Spiritual realms "within" Man. And, the author insists, "it is not possible to study Man, and certainly not possible to understand Man while in denial of two-thirds of Man". Perhaps the author has a point?

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