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Shadow's Claim: Immortals After Dark: The Daciansvolume 13

Paperback - 27 November 2012
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#1 New York Times bestseller Kresley Cole follows the royal bloodline of Dacia, a mysterious vampire kingdom within The Lore--Cole's world of mythological creatures--in this next installment of her award-winning Immortals After Dark series.

Shadow's Claim features Prince Trehan, a ruthless master assassin who will do anything to possess Bettina, his beautiful sorceress mate, even compete for her hand in a blood-sport tournament--to the death.

Trehan Daciano, known as the Prince of Shadows, has spent his life serving his people--striking in the night, quietly executing any threat to their realm. The coldly disciplined swordsman has never desired anything for himself--until he beholds Bettina, the sheltered ward of two of the Lore's most fearsome villains.

Desperate to earn her guardians' approval after a life-shattering mistake, young Bettina has no choice but to marry whichever suitor prevails--even though she's lost her heart to another. Yet one lethal competitor, a mysterious cloaked swordsman, invades her dreams, tempting her with forbidden pleasure.

Even if Trehan can survive the punishing contests to claim her as his wife, the true battle for Bettina's heart is yet to come. And unleashing a millennium's worth of savage need will either frighten his Bride away--or stoke Bettina's own desires to a fever pitch...

Customer Reviews

1 customer reviews Between 2−3 stars rating, 28 February 2014
Shadow's Claim, A Must Read for any Immortal After Dark series and Kresley Cole's fans
By: Renanda Puspitaningrum

I really love when Kresley Cole write about vampires! I think her vampires are the best. More than her Lykae and Demon. Why I said this? Imagine that after they reach their immortality, their heart stop beating, all their body function stop working (yes, no sex either). And then when their mate, called Bride, finally come, she blooded them. Make them whole again. And from Wroth brothers (except, Murdoch maybe), Lothaire and Trehan, all prove themshelves that they are swoon-worthy. They will do anything for their Bride (maybe, it's a little bit to hard for Lothaire. If you had read his book, of course) The Dacians is the vampire who live at Dacia, a Realm of Blood and Mist.... See More

They are like the Forbearers, those vampires that not drink on a flesh. I think this book maybe can be confusing if you are not familiar with Immortal After Dark series. For both are intertwined and many old characters make appearance. Also, don't forget Lothaire too. For he also from Dacia, and the Dacians told the story of his cousins. Shadow's Claim is about Trehan Christian Daciano, Prince of Shadow from the House of Shadow. He's Dacia Master Assassins. When he come to Abbadon, a Realm of Deathly Ones, roamed by demon, he never expected to finally meet his bride after almost thousand years. Yes, good ol' Trehan is 900 years old, give and take. Unfortunately, this stoic , discipline and alpha vampire's bride is... the less likable heroine in IAD World. Bettina of Abaddon, part demon part Sorceri, just recover from her attack by Vreckeners, her sworn enemy. Add it with a skittish personalization and her power was stripped. Anyhoo, she's in love with her childhood friend, Caspion and want to seduce him. She do that to avoid the tournament that hold by her godparents to search a man who will be her husband. So, imagine when it's Trehan who she seduce instead Caspion. Trehan who falling in love so hard to his Bride must face reality, that his Bride desire another. And, began my resent to Bettina. Duh, girl, she is so blind with her love to Caspion, so naive. Caspion himself is a playboy and I can see that his feeling to Bettina is just a brother to his sister. While Trehan is sooo devoted to Bettina. Pampered her over and over, protect her, and agree to not kill Caspion who had venture to Dacia. All just for Bettina. And what that girl do? Still love Caspion actually. She and Caspion make me gag and I have an urge to hug Trehan. Poor vampire, I can't help to not falling in love to him. Yes, he's so alpha and he can be "I'm Tarzan, You Jane". But, since he's also stoic, he can control his emotion, even he want to claim Bettina so badly. This is why I somehow love alpha hero. And when Bettina do a mistake that result in Trehan's agony, I want to said "look what you do to him, you ungrateful girl!" Shadow's Claim is.. well, satisfying for any IAD fans. And even I think it was Lothaire's book that can win RITA instead this book, I can understand why the jury pick this. The story is fast paced and full of action. The writing while not Cole at her best, show her class especially in paranormal romance realm. There was Lothaire and Elizabeth too, make me realize that Shadow's Claim happen in the same time with LOTHAIRE. And, the end of Shadow's Claim will connect into Dark Skye, Lanthe and Thronos's story, for Bettina is Sorceri like Lanthe and Trehan somehow know her whereabouts. I don't know if Cole will write another Dacians books, since seems like she busy with her IAD and Arcana series. But, I wish there's more to write, for I want to know about another Dacians like Viktor, Stelian, Mirceo and Kosmina. Finger crossed we will get them.

I will recommend Shadow's Claim if you are a devoted IAD fans. Even you are not, it's still interesting especially if you love a romance with alpha and sexy hero.

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