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Queen of Shadows

Paperback - 01 September 2015
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Customer Reviews

4 customer reviews Between 3−4 stars rating, 06 July 2018
Rich and Wider Plot
By: Maria Prima Yudanti

This forth instalment is so rich and had a wider plot. Saving one from prisoner, one from an awful master, one from terrifying devil, killing two biggest Boss. As Emily May ever said, this series isn't fantastic read, and you have to be really committed to it since it's a very long story, more than 2000 pages from the current five books and two novellas. But, I've sucks into this world already and it's hard to pull out but keep reading and devouring it 'till the end. I'll keep going, cause this series was my comeback read after a very long time. I think it's been 10 years since the last time I read a fiction fantasy book, so whether it's a fantastic read or not, I awe this series so much!

4 customer reviews Between 3−4 stars rating, 06 February 2018
I don't wanna give spoiler so its spoiler free
By: Tania Anggastini

This is where the real story start, it's not really a world building anymore. Things getting more interesting,puzzle started to fall into places, and I love Celaena again. She's showing her cunning mind more than before. The book is rather thick and it's not fast paced but not super slow either. But I enjoy it.

4 customer reviews Between 3−4 stars rating, 29 December 2017
love it
By: Nabila Nurchalid

queen of shadow, as far as i’ve read, it is very very good! when Calaen- /duh Aelin meet Chaol again, and new characters appear, i love it so much! but i can’t wait to see them united

4 customer reviews Between 4−5 stars rating, 01 November 2017
Simply amazing
By: Kenny Marpow

Everything that Celaena has fought for comes down to this. Or so she thought. The feel you get when you started reading this book is that this is the endgame to the story. In fact, if I didn't know the existence of the fifth book beforehand, I would've thought this is the end of the series. Thankfully I was wrong. This book opens up even greater opportunities for this series by introducing characters significant to the story, while in the most genius way, brings back old characters.

Queen of Shadows starts after Heir of Fire and just like the last book, is deliciously filled to the brim. Because as expected, we also see the return of Manon Blackbeak. Not only will... See More

we see her adventures and quests, but also her interactions with others. And for that, if you didn't fall in love with her in Heir of Fire, you will be in here.

One thing that I like about this series is how Sarah J Maas so beautifully explores the story of the minor characters. Not only they serve as an exposition, the way she incorporates the story to the characters is so natural. You won't feel that you are forced to know about this character more because the writer want you to know about them. You WILL want to know more about them.

You will be entertained, angered, heartbroken. Sometimes from unexpected ways

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