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Heir of Fire

Paperback - 11 September 2014
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Customer Reviews

2 customer reviews Between 2−3 stars rating, 05 February 2018
It's SJM's so..
By: Tania Anggastini

First of all, I assume you've read the first two books in the series and the assasin blade so you'd know what happened to Celaena at this point. In this book you'd finally meet the famous Rowan Whitethorn and Manon Blackbeak. This book is obviously much thicker. I usually enjoy reading thick book and think that the thicker the better but I don't really enjoy this one. I feel it much slower than the previous books due to added POVs. But again, it's SJM's so I'd take what I could.

2 customer reviews Between 4−5 stars rating, 17 October 2017
It keeps getting better!
By: Kenny Marpow

If this book is a food, it'd be a large pizza with every single one of your favorite food. If your favorite food is pizza, then this pizza will be topped with pizza.

First of all, the length of this book is so much longer, mainly because there's another character, Manon Blackbeak, joining the series. But, instead of standing at the side of the attention, this new character shares a spotlight with our main character, because this new story takes place in the other side of the world, effectively telling an equally interesting, but different story from the main character's and at the same time building the universe of the Throne of Glass series. Instead of feeling... See More

like another side character, Manon quickly became another main character of the series and readers won't be able to wait for her next portion of the story. 

The story continues after everything that happened in Crown of Midnight, so it is highly not recommended to read this book without reading the first two.

We are also introduced to a plethora of new characters that comes off as a typical archetype person, at first. The dark queen, the silent warrior, the friendly cook, the stern leader, the cheerful best friend, etc. But each character is explored in such a way that they become their own person. And so interesting you'll wonder if there can ever be a story without them

Not only that, Sarah J. Maas also didn't forget about old characters. The writer developed the side characters really well in this installment. both physically and emotionally. Definitely making them so much more interesting.

In Crown of Midnight, we witnessed how the main character is really the best there is at what she does. So, how does the writer give us more exciting actions? In this book, not only will we find out more about what drives the main character, but also her new, uncharted, and unrealized strength.

Heir of Fire may be too long to read for most people's tastes, but it is so packed full of contents that at the end, will leave you hungry for more

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