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Could Current Science Explain Paranormal Phenomena?: Introduction to Concepts of ''Broadcast-Reception'' and ''Broadcast-Storage-Retrieval'' of Inform

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One way or another, you likely heard the terms ''paranormal'', ''supernatural'' or ''sixth sense'', whether through the longest-running science fiction series ''The X-Files'' or the 1999 American supernatural horror film ''The Six Sense''. These interchangeable terms, oftentimes referred to as paranormal, encompass phenomena that could not be explained by the current scientific view of laws of nature. Paranormal phenomena include dreams, telepathy, telekinesis, reincarnation, divination, prophecy, haunting, and curses, among others. Paranormal topics are usually ignored by the scientific community due to lack of solid evidence, and any attempt to provide rational explanations usually results in raised brows and smirks. Of course, most reported paranormal phenomena are fraud, self-delusion and/or self-deception but a faction of events might hold some truth and merit investigation. The truth of the matter is that a little is so far provided to rationalize paranormal occurrences due to their extreme complexity. Besides, existing explanations are often phrased in vague terms, such as "psychic forces", "human energy fields", and even propositions speculating the existence of a fifth physical force in addition to the four known forces being gravity, electromagnetism, weak and strong forces. But do we really need these ambiguous expressions to comprehend at least part of the paranormal events or could current science provide some answers? In this essay, I questioned the credibility of a few documented and personal accounts that may hold some truth and found that our current advances in science and technology may offer some clarifications. I propose that humans own ''wireless senses'', which are our advanced biological tools for remote diffusion and pick up of information and energy coded in beams of electromagnetic waves. However, how such processes occur and the mechanisms that trigger them are still unclear. These senses can prevail under certain circumstances and fail under others. The precise locations of such senses are still shrouded in mystery but two oppositions are provided. The first being the thalamus and the second is simply hair as biological antennas. Using the human wireless senses, paranormal experiences like dreams, telepathy, and telekinesis may be explained through real-time ''broadcast-reception'' of information and energy from one human to another. Occasionally, the transfer of information and energy does not reach the receiver in real time but instead, become trapped and encoded in storage media made of materials around us or in the universe. This gives rise to the concept of ''broadcast-storage-retrieval'' of information and energy, which might clarify paranormal occurrences like reincarnation, divination, revelation, prophecy, curses, among others. The identification of such senses would surely open novel avenues for practical transmission of communication and energy. Once reinforced technologically using implants, future communication, and energy transfer will hopefully take place telepathically and telekinetically via the human wireless senses instead of cell phones, email messaging, remote controls, among other gadgets. This account is written in a simplified language to make it accessible for both the scientists and the general public.

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