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Anticipatory Grief: A Time to Grow Spiritually

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Campbell, Ron (Photographer)
Campbell, Virginia L. (Author)
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Anticipatory Grief is different from the grief that is felt when a loved one passes quickly and unexpectedly. Sometimes our loved ones take the long road to leave this earth and pass to their Heavenly home. This time frame creates a period of time called Anticipatory Grief. The death is anticipated, but time moves slowly and the long sad grieving period makes life difficult for all involved. Emotions run the gambit from being thankful they are still alive, to wishing it were all over. The guilt, the emotional pain, the fear of not having the loved one in the future all takes its toll on family and close friends. The purpose of this book is to turn this time frame from something that is a negative on the surface to a positive that can serve you for the rest of your life. The anticipatory grieving time is a perfect time to grow spiritually as you learn more about and practice love, compassion, harmony and service to others. As the title suggests, using this time to grow spiritually can turn this time into a blessing and the skills learned can make the time easier after the death does occur. Many other good books focus on the time frame after death that can help you to work through the grief that still happens after the death does occur. This book focuses on the time before, while one is anticipating the death that is taking a long time to happen. This information is presented for everyone and for all different religious persuasions.How would you benefit by putting the suggestions in this book into practice? At the very least, it will make you a nicer person. At the very most, it will help you to grow more spiritual. That is a win-win situation for you, your loved ones and our planet. If all of humanity would find a way to become nicer it would raise the spiritual energy level exponentially and the whole world would benefit. It starts with one person at a time... You.

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