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Toward the Brink: Book 1 of the Terrifying Apocalyptic Saga

Paperback - 22 July 2019
ISBN-13 : 9781081927165
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NEW COVER AND UPDATED EDITS FOR 2019The time is now, the place: Twin Falls, Idaho - the potato growing capital of the US - it is also where the end of the world as we know it, begins.As Elliot Goodwin discovers, it doesn't start with the roar of rockets, the blinding flash of nuclear explosions or earth shattering destruction. It begins with a fiendish plot and an unspeakable manipulation of a food hormone for the purposes of world domination. The plans of mice and men as they say. As the horror unfolds before Elliot's eyes he must make quick decisions for his and his girlfriend, Cindy, if they are to survive. No time for "what if's" or "how did it happen," -- it just did. The only choice is one of survival.The arrival at the scene of the breakout by Desert Storm veteran- now Twin Falls cop - Mulhaven, aids in their timely escape as does the appearance of a mysterious tall man who knows more than James Bond, Jack Reacher and Jack Bauer combined.While thinking it is some local aberration; in Washington, certain members of the government know otherwise - are even part of the conspiracy to end all conspiracies.What kind of a plague or malady could affect so many and so suddenly? With little time for anything but escape, the survivors must prepare to battle their way out of Twin Falls but the size and voracity of the outbreak is beyond their comprehension.If you enjoyed Stephen King's The Stand or Max Brooks World War Z, then you'll enjoy Toward the Brink 1.One thing's for certain...You'll never look at French Fries the same way again!Toward the Brink - take the ride!

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