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Money 2.0: How Reinventing Money Can Preserve Liberty, Fight Income Inequality, and Make the Free Market Flourish

Paperback - 06 January 2016
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Our Money is Broken
We live in an unsustainable economic and political environment. Money and power are concentrating from the many to the few. We are losing our Constitutional freedoms at a horrifying rate.

The root cause of many of the problems in our civilization is that our money itself is broken. Our money and banking systems were invented centuries ago by elites who wanted to enrich themselves and consolidate their power. The systems they invented still do that today.

Because most of us do not understand economics, we don't even know we're being ripped off. But the basics of economics are straightforward. Anyone can grasp them, as this easy-to-read book proves.

The New Big Bang
In 2009, a new technology was quietly released that is as pivotal as the invention of the Internet itself. This technology is the blockchain.

Even today, few people have heard of the blockchain. But it will change the lives of virtually everyone on this planet.

The first implementation of the blockchain was Bitcoin, a form of digital cash. But the blockchain is much more than Bitcoin and its spinoffs. The blockchain has the power to enable you and I to build grassroots economies that are fairer and more humane. The new forms of currency and the new economies that we invent can help us protect our Constitutional freedoms, provide real paths out of poverty, and set off a prosperity revolution.

Money 2.0
In Money 2.0, author David Conger clearly explains the problems our civilization faces as it teeters on the verge of economic, political, and environmental collapse. He shows how Big Business and Big Government have grown out of control, and have done so at the expense of all of all of us.

This book shows of how we went from an economic democracy to an economic monopoly. It also demonstrates that political democracy cannot survive in an economic monopoly.

Money 2.0 explains how the government was originally set up by the American Founders. It describes the genius of the American Experiment and explains the proper role of the government in the lives of the people and the economy.

Next, Money 2.0 explains why the free market is the embodiment of freedom itself. It shows how the free market lifts nations from poverty, promotes equality, and walks hand-in-hand with Constitutional freedoms.

The author also illustrates why Marxism, in all of its radical forms (Communism, Socialism, etc) can never work, and will only impoverish and oppress the masses.

Money 2.0 then shows that applying free market principles to money itself solves many of the insurmountable problems we face today. It introduces the idea of a free market of competing currencies, as first proposed by Nobel Prize-winning economist F. A. von Hayek.

Money 2.0 demonstrates how we can use blockchain technology to reinvent money itself. We can produce better, more stable, and more usable forms of money than the government. And we can do it without curtailing freedoms or a forced redistribution of wealth.

Money 2.0 describes how smart contracts and side chains, two derivatives of the blockchain, can enable us to experiment and design special-purpose currencies that solve insurmountable social problems and streamline business like never before.

The blockchain has the power to transform our civilization on a fundamental level and restore economic and political democracy. Money 2.0 shows us how.

Publisher's Notes
Money 2.0 is the first book to explain the true impact of the convergence of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, digital cash, and the free market. We are on the verge of a new era of currencies that compete in the free market, combat poverty and income inequality, and reinvent entire industries. The blockchain heralds the advent of the economics of everyone, and Money 2.0 shows the way.

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