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Japan's Infamous Unit 731: Firsthand Accounts of Japan's Wartime Human Experimentation Program

Paperback - 03 December 2019
Gold, Hal (Author)
Totani, Yuma (Foreword by)
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This is a riveting and disturbing account of the medical atrocities performed in China during WWII.

Some of the cruelest deeds of Japan's war in Asia did not occur on the battlefield, but in quiet, antiseptic medical wards in obscure parts of China. Far from front lines and prying eyes, Japanese doctors and their assistants subjected human guinea pigs to gruesome medical experiments in the name of science and Japan's wartime chemical and biological warfare research.

Author Hal Gold draws upon a wealth of sources to construct a portrait of the Imperial Japanese Army's most notorious medical unit, giving an overview of its history and detailing its most shocking activities. The book presents the words of former unit members themselves, taken from remarks they made at a traveling Unit 731 exhibition held in Japan in 1994-95. They recount vivid first-hand memories of what it was like to take part in horrific experiments on men, women and children, their motivations and reasons why they chose to speak about their actions all these years later.

A new foreword by historian Yuma Totani examines the actions of Unit 731, the post-war response by the Allies and the lasting importance of the book. Japan's Infamous Unit 731 represents an essential addition to the growing body of literature on the still unfolding story of some of the most infamous war crimes in modem military history. By showing how the ethics of normal men and women, and even an entire profession, can be warped by the fire of war, this important book offers a window on a time of human madness and the hope that history will not be repeated.

Customer Reviews

1 customer reviews Between 3−4 stars rating, 04 June 2023
War crime and how Japan Tries to cover their past
By: Gerry Arrafianto

Honestly, this book is not for everyone. As the author tries to summarize the historical chronology of Imperial Japan's infamously Bio Warfare research as an attempt to hold their theatre in the pacific. Ishi's background and his biography is well written by the author starting from the era when Ishi's graduated from his study and his proposal to the military to resolve sanitation problems in the frontline. Ishi's hidden agenda started to emerge when he assigned into Unit 731 where the place taken in Manchuria where he took notes that Biological Warfare is the ultimate resort to bring Imperial Japan into its former glory. However, his agenda must be buried deep down... See More

the earth when the American won the theatre in the Pacific. Within the fall of Imperial Japan, Ishi and his Unit 731 must destroy everything he had achieved with his precious inhumane experiments. The author also divides this book into 2 segments, where the second part of the book are compilation of the former's account during the invasion in Manchuria. Completes with the explanation from the interviewee as well as to set the picture on what was happening back then.

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