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A Guide to Reading and Writing Japanese :

Paperback - 01 July 2003
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This is a handy reference book designed as an essential companion to the study of written Japanese.

A best-seller trusted by beginning and intermediate students since 1959 and now in its third edition, this affordable study guide includes all 1,945 current joyo kanji. Detailed entries for all 1,009 "essential" kanji include stroke order, meanings, and pronunciation. The book is divided into two sections: The first section presents the 1,006 Essential characters prescribed by the Japanese Ministry of Education to be taught during the six years of Japanese elementary school. These characters are given with their most frequent readings (both "on" and "kun") and definitions, along with example of their use in compounds to form everyday words. Each character is also accompanied by a stroke-order diagram demonstrating the proper way to write it . The second section presents the 1,945 General Use characters (including the 1,006 Essential characters) adopted by law to be used in publications for a general readership. These characters are listed with their readings and definitions, or with cross reference to the first section of the book if they already appear there.

A chart for writing of the "katakana" and "hiragana" syllabaries is also included, as well as a complete index of readings of all the characters and compounds in the book. Mastering the Japanese characters presented in the book will enable students to read the vast majority of Japanese newspapers and magazines.

This book contains: The 1,006 Essential characters arranged by gradeThe 1,945 General Use characters arranged by stroke orderFull range of readings and English definitionsStroke counts and stroke -order diagramsCompounds and derivatives"Katakana" and "hiragana" syllabariesAn index of readingsLong the most trusted guide to written Japanese, you will soon find "A guide to Reading and Writing Japanese" to be an indispensable tool in your studies of the Japanese language.

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