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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One and Two

Paperback - 25 July 2017
Thorne, Jack(Author)
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Customer Reviews

8 customer reviews Between 4−5 stars rating, 07 November 2018
Somehow, I like it.
By: Ulil Amri

People have been telling me that this book would be a litte disapointed. It is reasonable since the book wasn't for reading pleasure (initially). It's the play, we're talking about. the story line might be a little (OKAY, super) cheese but it's the beauty of the play.

My opinion about the book, in general is, it's worthy. The quality is great, the paper is good, and the content is exactly what the playscrips should be. So, I like it. Also, I'm ordering the new one because the one I bought is being dominated by my cousin and they like it too. So, I'm ordering the new one.

8 customer reviews Between 2−3 stars rating, 09 March 2018
An okay HP fanfiction
By: Antonius B.

The play format is easy to read; you'll get through it quickly. But what everyone is saying about this book being a fan fic is right. It doesn’t have the magical feeling that you have reading the novels as a child. The writing is not bad, but the screenplay isn’t the same, obviously, as the novels.

Like us, we find HP in this story all grown up, balding at the top and fattening at the waist. He is tasked with protecting the eponymous child, from a dark wizard, in his day job as an Auror. Any plot point beyond that is a spoiler, unfortunately.

All in all, it fills the gaps, of what happened after “all is well” line in the last novel and is thus worth reading, but adjust your expectation accordingly.

8 customer reviews Between 4−5 stars rating, 24 January 2018
So many feels!
By: Ansi Widya Prabandaru

I grew up with Harry Potter so of course I will cherish anything Harry Potter related. Even though this book slash play is not written by J.K. Rowling herself, I believe that she will approve. Since I love dialog and conversation in books and stories, I *love* reading this so much. Not only because almost 90% of this book is dialog (which I like), the story itself also brings back so many memories and feels. In a really good way. Make me kinda wish I could see the play. And receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter.

8 customer reviews Between 2−3 stars rating, 24 January 2018
wohooo~ still got the whole crew!!
By: Nadya Mustika

Finally got my hands on it. lol. I'm not going to lie. The plot was just "meh" (for me). Nothing special, maybe bcs my expectation is always high if its related to Mrs. Rowling. But!!! the new characters are so lovely. Lovesssss the friendship between Albus and Scorpius. Heartwarming. They made me smile all the time. And just fyi, when at first I thought that Albus gonna be my bias but then, Scorpius stole my heart. He is my fav character from this book. His charming behavior, loyalty, kindness haha. So, at the end, I'm not complaining. 3,8 out of 5. :)

8 customer reviews Between 4−5 stars rating, 04 January 2018
Kembali Berimajinasi
By: Faizatu Zulfa

Buku ini membawa kita kembali ke suasana Hogwart yang telah lama kita rindukan semenjak sekuel terakhir saat voldemort dikalahkan. Buku yang didalamnya memuat script memudahkan kita untuk berimajinasi sendiri bagaimana visualisasi tiap adegan. Kehadiran Albus dan teman-temannya memberikan warna baru terhadap ceritanya. J.K Rowling memang selalu berhasil membolak-balikkan hati para pembacanya :)

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