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World of Warcraft: Night of the Dragon

Paperback - 18 November 2008
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Grim Batol: its dark legacy stretches back into the mists of Azeroth's past. But most know it as the site of a terrible tragedy -- where the vile orcs corrupted the hatchlings of the noble Dragonqueen, Alexstrasza, and used them as weapons of war. Though a band of heroes, led by the enigmatic mage, Krasus, defeated the orcs and freed the captive dragons, the cursed mountain stands as another ravaged landmark within the...


But now Krasus -- known to some as the red dragon Korialstrasz -- senses the malice of Grim Batol rising once more to threaten those he holds dear. Determined this time to confront this evil by himself, he is unaware of the quests that will draw others to Grim Batol and reveal the monstrous truth that could not only herald their deaths, but usher in a terrible new age of darkness and destruction.

Customer Reviews

1 customer reviews Between 2−3 stars rating, 12 February 2018
Plays into the twilight of the dragons arch story
By: Antonius B.

Again Mr. Knack has exceeded the expectations of this reader. His books are well written and interesting, and this one is no exception. Continuing the story line of the The Aspects, he includes plot twists and familiar names to make the story flow. His knowledge of WOW and the main charactors who inhabit the world of Azeroth keep the story as interesting, and captivating, as any book I have read. KUDOS, Mr. Knack. Keep writing!! A MUST HAVE for any WOW reader


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