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"b'hoys!": When the Gangs Ruled New York with Brickbats, Barricades, & "barking Irons"

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Publication Date: 10 May 2015
B'hoys , is a unique war game based on the popular history classic, The Gangs Of New York, by Herbert Asbury, and now in it's improved 3rd Edition from The (Virtual) Armchair General. B'hoys (as the Irish lads referred to themselves) recreates the brawls and battles that dominated pre-Civil War New York City for some thirty years. The majority of Gang members (the original "Gangsters") were largely Irish immigrants who brought their real or imagined war against the English with them to America. At odds with the Protestant Establishment that ran the city, underemployed, and without real prospects, they formed societies that mirrored their fears and frustrations. Among the many pastimes of these Gangsters was street fighting. Scuffles between rival individuals could escalate to their respective Gangs, and it didn't take much to start a brawl, which sometimes exploded into full scale rioting. Merely being on the wrong street could start the fists, boots, brickbats, and bullets flying. Such meetings could involve a handful at first, then swell to thousands of men, women, and children engaged in total riot. It was a time now almost forgotten, and unimaginable over a century after the facts, but it remains an amazing chapter in American History. Just reading the rules will give a remarkable picture of the times and personalities that shaped the growth of New York, as well as the other great cities of the Eastern United States. The new Edition has expanded to 64 pages, with improved rules layout, superior graphics, and many new full color period illustrations throughout, including photographs of games in play, and actual period artifacts. Printed accessories at the back of the book include Record Sheets for Mobs, Police, and Army/Militia which may be cut out and copied for game use. A deck of 48 black and white Action Cards used to determine the order in which Gangster Mobs, Police Patrols, or even Army Squads move, are also printed in the book to be cut out for use. Further, a printed sheet of colored ID numbers is attached, ready to cut out and glue to the bases of individual game figures to aid identification by Character and Gang affiliation. A professionally printed, permanent full color 48-card Action Deck, and a two page set of Quick Reference Sheets printed on card stock are available separately from the Publisher, as well as the necessary miniature figures by world famous sculptor, Bobby Jackson. Besides the basic rules, there are four detailed scenarios, ready to play including special rules, and including maps and extra tables of information to make set-up easy and quick. The authors continue to hear from gamers who have applied the B'hoys model of Mob vs Mob combat to other subjects, notably Cave Men and Ancient Roman Political and Sports riots B'hoys is a game of specific historical application and a realistic, fast and furious game that emphasizes Mob Psychology over sheer lethality. So, Boyo's, here's your chance to get the latest news from your cousins, the Authors "Hamburger Paddy" and "Seamlus O'Queeg" and their continuing adventures in New York. Och, if only nights in Limerick were as much fun ("Sing Rickety-Tickety-Tin ")

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ISBN-13: 9780692436226

Publisher: (Virtual) Armchair General Publishing       

Language: English

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