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Finding Audrey

Paperback - 03 May 2016
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A ZOELLA Book Club Pick!

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Shopaholic series comes a terrific blend of comedy, romance, and psychological recovery in a contemporary YA novel sure to inspire and entertain.

Audrey wears dark glasses all the time, even in the house. She almost never goes out, doesn't talk to new people, and finds making eye contact to be nearly impossible.

But then one day she meets Linus. Linus is her brother's friend and a sensitive spirit with whom she can talk through her fears. He makes her laugh and doesn't leave her feeling like she's being judged. As their friendship deepens, Audrey's recovery gains momentum, and she and Linus begin to develop feelings for each other. But how can they have a future together when Audrey hasn't dealt with her past? And how could anyone ever love her once they've seen her at her worst?

"An outstanding tragicomedy that gently explores mental illness, the lasting effects of bullying, and the power of friends and loving family to help in the healing."--Kirkus Reviews, Starred

"Kinsella's knack for humor and sensitivity shine." Publishers Weekly

Customer Reviews

3 customer reviews Between 3−4 stars rating, 03 August 2018
By: Eeleen Yeo

What a wonderful read. The story is written in a lighthearted way, along with the heavy issues of mental health, to ease the readers into these serious topics. I like the author's positive approach here. I adore Audrey's family: loud, ridiculous, constant bickering, but always look out for each other, supportie and loving in the end of the day. I just like how Audrey and her family trying to find their true selves, find peace, searching for normal and balance for everything, together. Those little written conversations on notes were so adorable, my feels.

3 customer reviews Between 2−3 stars rating, 04 April 2018
a quick read
By: Nisa Rahayu

Finding audrey is a story that follows our main character Audrey, who suffers social anxiety and depression that made her literally couldn't make eye contacts with other people so, she had to wear sunglasses. the story begins when audrey met her older brother's friend, Linus. to be honest i was disappointed with this book, the way social anxiety's described isn't realistic because there's part in the book when it didn't make sense to people who suffers social anxiety. I'm a little bit upset we didn't get to know what caused audrey dropped out of school and made her suffered these several mental illness. but other than that, I liked the humor as well as... See More

how her family and linus helped her to overcame her mental illness. overall, it was a cute and fluffy read but, I just think that this book didn't portrait social anxiety in a realistic way.

3 customer reviews Between 3−4 stars rating, 14 November 2017
Sophie Kinsella's First YA Novel
By: Aldilla Yasmin Inas

I really really liked the way it was written. Like, literally. It was the Kinsella's first work of YA and it surprised me how good she was at it. I felt like the 14-year-old me would be saying the same things at the same time when faced with the same situations. Just, minus the anxiety things. There would be minor spoilers here and there, so if you haven't read it, I suggest you should just jump to the last paragraph. I loved the characters in this book. Audrey was adorable in her own quirky way. 

  Linus was also great! I seriously loved him. He was sweet, funny, and he understood what Audrey was going through and he tried his best to... See More

help her.

  Audrey's brother, Frank, was a gamer.  He was protective over Audrey and even though he tried not to show it, he cared about Audrey so much.

The thing that made me laugh so incredibly hard throughout the book was Audrey's mom,

Unfortunately, there were also a lot of blind spots in this novel. 


The title was FINDING AUDREY. But, there were only like 1 or 2 chapters that ACTUALLY consisted of looking for Audrey. 

Finding Audrey is a novel about a girl with anxiety disorder who's trying to overcome her illness with the help of love and her family. While it has many weak points, it is still a tolerable read for Kinsella's debut in Young Adult.


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