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Astrophysics for People in a Hurry

Hardcover - 02 May 2017
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What is the nature of space and time? How do we fit within the universe? How does the universe fit within us? There's no better guide through these mind-expanding questions than acclaimed astrophysicist and best-selling author Neil deGrasse Tyson.

But today, few of us have time to contemplate the cosmos. So Tyson brings the universe down to Earth succinctly and clearly, with sparkling wit, in tasty chapters consumable anytime and anywhere in your busy day.

While you wait for your morning coffee to brew, for the bus, the train, or a plane to arrive, Astrophysics for People in a Hurry will reveal just what you need to be fluent and ready for the next cosmic headlines: from the Big Bang to black holes, from quarks to quantum mechanics, and from the search for planets to the search for life in the universe.

Customer Reviews

5 customer reviews Between 3−4 stars rating, 15 August 2018
State of the Union, but for ASTROPHYSICS
By: A. Budi

The intent of this book is to give a simple and quick understanding of the universe. Maybe that in itself says why this didn’t quite meet expectations. The book is full of interesting information and is a good starting point for understanding our universe and its makeup. The problem is that science is not so simple to absorb.

But it’s a short book. The book felt a bit disjointed as well (because the book is just a collection of his essays rather than a book that addresses some topic from beginning to end).


5 customer reviews Between 4−5 stars rating, 23 January 2018
Informative book
By: Octa Saktianti

If you're too busy to absorb the cosmos via classes, textbooks, or documentaries, and you nonetheless seek a brief but meaningful introduction to the field, this is really a great, informative book.

5 customer reviews Between 2−3 stars rating, 08 January 2018
A pleasant introduction for an astrophysics dummie :)
By: Conrado Cornelius

As someone coming not from a natural sciences educational lbackground, I think Tyson has succeeded in presenting a brief, light, yet qualitatively uncompromissing outlook to general readers about the Universe. Whenever Tyson writes something jargonistic and technical, he will always explain it in ways that makes it understandable to readers.

5 customer reviews Between 3−4 stars rating, 08 December 2017
My Favorite Book of The Year!!
By: Kartika Nurfadhilah

As i wrote on the title, this book became my favorit book in 2017. I bought this book together with Emperor of All Maladies. And, these book emphasize different expertise--while Emperor tells us about biochemistry, and this book about astrophysics. 

Cosmos and universe are always be my escape thing from routines--looking up to the sky, watching them so chalantly, and wondering about our existence within expanding universe. Knowing something beyond your expectation, lie above your head waiting to discover, but we are just tiny piece of life at solar system--little part of our Milky Way.  Neil DeGrasse Tyson is an amazing writer. I found that his writing style is... See More
unique. His sarcasm, naughty words, and philoshophy words about his science field. I can feel his passion within this book--and I'm willing to be part of his field and passion.    This book tells us about cosmos in a brief explanation--unlike Einstein and Stephen Hawling nor other science books which is too hard for everyone who didnt learned about physics, and math. Definitely will read this book again!   Here is some my fav quote! "  We are stardust brought to life, then empowered the universe to figure itself out--and we have only just begun,"-page 33"    " Kita merupakan kehidupan yang berasal dari debu bintang, dengan dukungan semesta memulai untuk mencari jati diri--dan kita baru saja memulainya," ><
5 customer reviews Between 4−5 stars rating, 09 November 2017
Amazing and interesting
By: Setyo Melany Sari

The book contained a lot of big words that I was not familiar with. The author explained in simple ways though certain things were still beyond my comprehension. It's interesting anyway to know how we are actually just a small part of the universe.

There's a chapter in the book that talked about the periodic table. And Neil deGrasse Tyson really explained it much much more interesting than my teacher in high school. 

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who has special interest in knowing about the universe or just science in general.

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