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The Secret History : From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Goldfinch

Paperback - 27 May 1993
Tartt, Donna(Author)
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Customer Reviews

3 customer reviews Between 4−5 stars rating, 23 May 2018
one of the greatest books ever written
By: Karin Sarwono

"The Secret History" had been lurking unread in my bookshelf for over a year and now that i've finished it, i'm so happy to finally have crossed it off my list. i enjoyed this book thoroughly; this book was very well-written. it was very clever and intriguing. Donna Tartt is a remarkably talented writer and this book and The Goldfinch are the only proofs you need. there are lots of lines or paragraphs i've highlighted solely because of how poetic they were. if you like dark-academia and Greek tragedies with a sprinkle of murder, this one's for you.

3 customer reviews Between 3−4 stars rating, 19 December 2017
Classy writing!
By: Cikita Oktarina


Actually I am still in halfway through this book, but omg this book though! So Classy! The writing. Plot, I really can't wait to read the rest! 

3 customer reviews Between 4−5 stars rating, 23 October 2017
Subtle fiction work about sociopathy
By: Ganda Rakhman

One of the unfortunate quality someone can have is the inability to see anyone in their true light. Many people expect the best (or at least good thing) about other people, into the point of becoming abundantly surprised when they are not as what they seem. It may down to the inadequacy to gauge someone's behavior, or simply because a great amount of filter is put on, in purpose or not, especially regarding those who close with us. Well, this book works with this theme.

Almost exactly first half of the book, we follow Richard with all of his inner thoughts from meeting a group of murderer until the act of murder..., step by step..., thought by thought...! This is one of... See More

the reason which makes the book feels great. In real life, not everything we see and hear can be understood promptly. There's revelation underway, or even unanswered questions. This is how the author build the first part of her book. We see what Richard sees, and we feel what Richard feels. The curiosity and suspension that is crawling while we read is the same as Richards. The sympathy we have for the devils are the same as his. It's understandable, yet unforgivable because we know they are in the wrong. But we feel for it, and we understand why the situation is happened.

Read the book and you'll be immersed and somehow becoming the main character. You won't like it at the end, but you will greatly appreciate the author who makes you feel it.

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