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Publication Date: 29 April 2015

Product Details

ISBN-10: 0099590085

ISBN-13: 9780099590088

Publisher: Vintage Publishing      

Language: English UK / Other

Paperback: 512 Pages

Product Dimension (L x W x H): 12.90 x 19.70 x 4.10 CM

Shipping Weight: 0.44 Kg

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14 customer reviews  Between 3−4 stars rating,  19 November 2018
Worth keeping
By: Raiza J Hanum

I gave away my first copy. Needless to say I come to regret it. This is one of those book you ought to keep. Periplus sent it promptly and in an adequate shipment package. Nice experience.

14 customer reviews  Between 4−5 stars rating,  19 November 2018
The broad sweep of human history
By: Octa Saktianti

One of the most entertaining and informative books I’ve read in a long time. It usually takes me longer to get through nonfiction than fiction, but I blew through this book despite it being a bit of a tome. Each concept and chapter of human history is explained with compelling examples, from economics to history to biology to psychology and so on. If you’re tender about things like religion, capitalism, or even human rights, Sapiens won’t give you a break.

14 customer reviews  Between 4−5 stars rating,  03 July 2018
Could not stop
By: Olivia Victorius

it keeps giving you "aha" moment when you finally understand how we as a human have our current habit. its all about our history from our ancestor that keep passing on to our current generation. i love this book!

14 customer reviews  Between 4−5 stars rating,  22 May 2018
By: Farhan Hibatullah

It really described the humankind history in a very brief way. It's simple, and you can get a lot of information page by page. You've to read this!

14 customer reviews  Between 4−5 stars rating,  03 May 2018
By: Nadine

It was not really a brief history if you see it from modern human point of view who just lived for about twenty years (me), but it is a really really quick if you see it from the perspective of 70,000 years of Homo sapiens history. Many fascinating facts are presented here, such as how in a long, long, time ago Homo sapiens were not the only human live on earth (think of it like how we see many species of cats or dogs); how Sapiens are (might be) the only one kind of human who created fiction or myth (such as religion, culture, etc) to enable themselves feel as one; how every time Sapiens came to a new territory, the population of the local... See More

animals ultimately perish; etc. Note that when I say "human", it means Homo sapiens, Home neanderthals, Homo denisovans, etc. The book also present you with many readable and detailed facts about economy, religion, imperialization, capitalism, and many things I don't expect from a history book. Could ultimately change the way you see the world.

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