01 May 2022
Syaidina Dinda,  DKI Jakarta  
“i loved periplus so muchh , there's a lots of discounts here plus i got 15 percent disc on my birthday hehee ”
18 April 2022
Gitta Ethsa,  Kalimantan Timur  
“periplus website makes it easier to purchase english books. ”
17 April 2022
Vianka Guinaz,  Bali  
“Great service! Great range of books with great prices. Been a loyal customer for years and very satisfied. ”
04 April 2022
Is Handayani,  DKI Jakarta  
“I guess only Periplus that serves many imported Books yet with affordable price (comparing with the e-commerce next door). Very satisfied also with the packing itself.”
14 March 2022
Albert Henri,  Jawa Tengah  
“Perbanyak judul manga Jepang terutama untuk Pre order karena menurut saya terlalu dibatasi sekali. Open request judul untuk di Pre order Kontrol kualitas website sering sekali bug dan loading yang cukup lama.”
10 March 2022
Mr. M,  DKI Jakarta  
“This is my first time buying books online here, especially imported books. For first impression is very good, well packaged, and arrived on time.”
18 February 2022
Astrid Andriati,  Jawa Barat  
“I have been a Periplus loyal customer for years. They have great collections with good prices. Periplus is a go-to place every time I'm feeling a little bit under the weather. I could spend hours browsing books in the store and ended up spending over budget money. I love books and I can not live without books. I'm so grateful for the existence of Periplus and its services.”
18 February 2022
Metta Ariesty,  DKI Jakarta  
“Affordable price, great service. orders are delivered earlier than expected. Thank you!”
09 February 2022
Jovita ,  Jawa Tengah  
“Came back here after 4 years and glad to find some older books on discount—also in stock! The packaging was nostalgic too ❤️ Thank you very much! Scrolling this site is now my new hobby. What should be noted is the processing can be longer than when you shop at marketplace (mine took 5 business days). ”
01 February 2022
R. Arvina,  Banten  
“on-time delivery, good tracibility, and very trusted.”