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We encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions about items you bought on our website, thus, providing other customer of helpful information for buying decision and smart choices.

While we appreciate your time and effort to post reviews, Periplus has all the rights to disqualify or not to post reviews that we considered not valid, see below guidelines for selecting valid reviews.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Below are the guidelines for selecting valid reviews:
    • The submitted reviews should be original, your personal opinion and not copied from other reviewer’s ideas; we are not liable or responsible for any legal terms regarding this matter
    • We will disqualify submitted reviews with malicious content, graphically violent, words that promotes hatred of any race, religion, sex or ethnicity which are not possible to post in the website
    • Avoid off-topic reviews like details about book’s availability, shipment and packaging experiences, it should be done on different platform like in our testimony and contact us page
    • Written reviews should be at least 50 words, but not more than 1500 words.
    • Reviews must be in English or Indonesian language
  • The Reviewer should register to the website before it will allow submitting the review
  • Once the submitted review has been approved as valid, then immediately it will be posted to the website


Steps to follow

  1. Select and Open the detail page of the book that you want to review.

  2. Go to the “CUSTOMER REVIEW” section of the detail page, then click the “Write a Customer Review” button like shown below.

  3. This will open the book review page. Please fill-up the required information before submitting the form as shown below.

  4. After submission, wait for the website admin to approve the review before posting it to the website.


Tips on What to Put in a Customer Review

You might use some or all of the following approaches in your review:

  • evaluate and make critical comments on the book
  • use quotations or references to the new ideas in the book
  • identify the author's qualifications
  • compare the book with reference to the author's other writings or with a similar work by another writer
  • point out the author's intentions, including the audience for which the book is intended


Some Reminders

  • Don't try to describe the whole book. That's not what a review does.
  • There is no right way to write a book review. Book reviews are highly personal and reflect the opinions of the reviewer.
  • A review can be as short as 50-100 words, or as long as 1500 words, depending on the purpose of the review.
  • Keep your audience in mind! This will help define the emphasis you put on various parts of the review.


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