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Israel's 70th Independence Day: April 19, 2018, the Second Coming and the Death of 1/3 of the Human Race
Japan: The Intergalactic Japanese Empire Has Been Given a Quintillion Universes in the Future from Jesus Christ.: Japan Will
Jesus Christ Is Lord!
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Jesus Christ Is Lord! Planetary Coup-De-Tat!: Jesus Is Going to Unite, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkey as One Nation-Greater Persia. Jesus Shall R
Jesus Christ Warrior: Jesus Fought Satan and His Demons in the Invisible War That Spanned a 100 Billion Years from the Big Bang to the Colla
Jesus Christ Was the
Jesus Comes First at the Second Coming, Then After the 1000 Years the Antichrist Arrives.: Descention Sabbath 2018/2019 +/-
Jesus Commands the Universe to Expand and Collapse with a Word. I Am Not Even Worthy to Lick the Dust Off of Christs Sandals!: The God of Israel Sent
Jesus Created the Intergalactic Chinese Empire from the Ural Mtns to Siberia and a Gift of a Quintillion Universes in the Future
Jesus Loves China and Chinese Angels in Heaven Serve Him Daily.: China Is Going Into the Stars.
Jesus Shall Return Surrounded by Billions of His Angels All in White. the True Jesus Will Have Angels Surrounding Him.: Jesus Will Come Back with His
Jesus Talked about the Pedophile Scandal 2000 Years Ago. (Matthew 18: 6,7): The Bible Says Satan in the Last Days Will Attack the Church with Islam, a
Kek- The Frog Gods of Egypt. How I Battled the 3 Frogs of Revelation 16: 13. (Kekistan) the Invisible War.: REV 16:13 and I Saw Three Unclean Spirits
Kingdom of David, Christian World Order: The Death of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Atheism and Other Diablo Manufactured Religions
Life Before the Big Bang: Christians Were Created Before the Big Bang and Existed in a Previous Universe
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