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Christian Theocracy: Delight for Some, Wormwood for Others. Revelation 8:10 Is Happening Right Now.
Christianity Shall Rule the World. for It Is the Day of the Lords Vengeance, and the Year of Recompences for the Controversy of Zion. Isaiah 34: 8: Ve
Counterfeit Gods!: Don't Trust Blindly Like I Did
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Daystar Rising: The Star from the East: Ezekiel 43:2
Death of 1/3 of Human Race (2018-2021+/-). You Have Been Warned. This Is Your Last Call to Jesus.
December 2018+/-. Dooms Day. Probability of Jesus Coming. the End of the Invisible War.: Tsunami 2004, 14 Year Anniversary. Knockout Blow Against Sata
Doomsday 2018-2019(+/-): The End of the World. the Death of 1/3 of the Human Race.
Dravidian Tribes: The Christian Intergalactic Dravidian, Tamil, Melanesian Tribal Empires: The Empire of Africana. the Swarm.
Einstein and the Bible Agree about the Collapse of the Universe: The Core of the Collapsed Universe Is Called the Lake of Fire by Christians. the Gosp
Epilogue: (book #72.) Isaiah. 14:30. and the Firstborn of the Poor Shall Feed, and the Needy Shall Lie Down in Safety; And I Wil
God Guided Evolution: The Weeding of the Wicked from the Earth at the Second Coming
Heaven and Earth Shall Pass Away, But My Words Shall Never Pass Away. Life After the Collapse of the Universe!
How to Live Forever: A Step by Step Guide on How to Avoid Death and Live Forever by Believing in Jesus Christ.
I Am Not Even Worthy to Lick the Dust Off of Christ's Sandals. Jesus Christ Is Lord and Is Worshipped in Infinite Multiple Universes, Throughout Infin
I Love Jesus Christ
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