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(book 116) Don't Panic on Doomsday 2018, 2019(+/-).: A Guide to the Nations of the Earth to Follow Jesus Into the Stars, New Universes and Co-Exist Fo
A Planetary Passover Like Egypt 2018(+/-), 2019(+/-). the End of the World. the Second Coming. the Death of 1/3 of the Human Race.
Africa: The Land of 10,000 Tribes; Intergalactic Federation of African Tribes.
And Jesus Will Lift Up a Standard to the Nations and Gather Them to Himself. (Isaiah 5: 26)
Anna: The Asian Angel, Warrior Princess of Jesus Christ, the God of Israel.: Blessed Are They That Mourn: For They Shall Be
Antigravity, Timetravel, Teleportation, the First Resurrection, World War III: The Intergalactic Christian Space War, and a Latino Queen. Daystar: Won
Book 100: The Theology of Lotegeluaki. Isaiah: The End of the Gospel of Lotegeluaki for the Second Coming of Christ.
Book No# 60: Cradle Planets: The 10,000 Tribes of Africa in Spaceships, Fly from Star to Star and from Galaxy to Galaxy, in Search
Casualties of the Invisible War.: The Reason for Foxes Book of Martyrs. the Battle Between Jesus and Satan.
Christ's Kraal for the Human Species: : A Googolplex Multiple Universes, from Israel and Mother Church for the Nations to Inhabit Forever.
Christian Perspective: The Church a Trillion Years from Now: (The Early Years). What Will the Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox, Christian C
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